Town Of Cazenovia

Highway Department

Dean L. Slocum, Highway Superintendent

3425 Constine Bridge Road
Cazenovia, NY 13035
Highway Office: (315) 655-4852. For Emergencies Please Dial 911
The Town of Cazenovia Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 60 miles of roadways in the Town of Cazenovia.  The Highway Department plows, salts and sands a total of  25 miles of Madison County roads, as well as, Town roads during the winter season.  


The Highway Department maintains and/or operates; 3 Water plants, four parks, one cemetery, the New Woodstock softball field, two highway facilities, and the Town Offices at the Gothic Cottage. 


Highway Department Staff:

Dean L. Slocum:  Highway Superintendent

Allen Beck:  Heavy Equipment Operator

Mike Butler:  Heavy Equipment Operator & Licensed Water Plant Operator

A.J. Diana:  Lead Water Plant Operator & Heavy Equipment Operator

Dale Goodfellow:  Heavy Equipment Operator

Ed Nelson:  Heavy Equipment Operator

Chris Sgouris:  Heavy Equipment Operator

Bryan Smith:  Deputy Highway Superintendent, Heavy Equipment Operator, & Licensed Water Plant Operator

Ted Stearns: Mechanic, Heavy Equipment Operator, & Licensed Water Plant Operator

Sam Fellows: Seasonal Laborer




Hours of Operation:

Summer Hours (April 1 - October 31):  Monday thru Thursday 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Winter Hours (November 1 - March 31): 1st shift 3:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.,  2nd shift 12:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


What are the Minimum Maintenance roads?

Barrett Road (from the school bus turnaround to the Town line) 

Fairbanks Road (from the last house to the Town Line)


View the law  pertaining to Minimum Maintenance roads.

What are the Seasonal Road Closings?

Corkinsville Road (from the school bus turnaround to the Town line)


What roads are "Town roads"?

The following are "Town roads" listing approximate length in miles:

Allen Drive 0.04
Ballina East 0.64
Ballina West 2.15
Barrett West 0.36
Barrett East 0.72
Bass 0.28
Bethel 0.34
Burlingame 2.73
Cazenovia Terrace 0.2
Chard 0.85
Charles 0.44
Cheese Factory 0.23
Christian Drive 0.32
Cobb 2.42
Coe 0.39
Corkinsville Paved 0.21
Corkinsville Gravel 1.18
Coulter 0.69
DeRuyter Reservoir 1.08
Dugway 0.59
Elm Street 0.27
Fairbanks 0.92
Ferndell Lower 0.09
Ferndell Upper 0.16
Glenwood 0.21
Grassy Lane 0.58
Hedge Lane 0.25
Hoffman 0.34
Holmes 1.4
Huntington Drive 0.18
Indian Lookout 0.12
Kiley Paved 1.05
Kiley Gravel 0.48
Kinney 0.62
Lane 0.9
Lincklaen 2.86
Lorenzo Farms 0.36
Lucas Crossroad 0.37
Madge Drive 0.04
Maple 1.2
Mark Lane 0.31
Meadow Hill 0.18
Michigan 1.6
Mosely 0.65
Mount Pleasant 0.28
Ormonde 0.29
Owahgena 0.75
Owera Point 0.46
Oxbow East 0.11
Oxbow West 0.27
Pearl Street 0.24
Preston Lane 0.21
Rathbun 2.15
Ridge 4.87
Rippleton Crossroad 1.18
School 1.44
Smith Paved 0.25
Smith Gravel 0.72
South Ten Eyke Ave. 0.07
Stanley West 0.94
Stanley East 0.88
Stanton Paved 0.8
Stanton Gravel 0.4
Stone Quarry 1.61
Summerfield 0.38
Syossett Drive 0.5
Temperance 1.01
Ten Eyke 0.35
Thompson 1.76
Thurber 0.58
Tucker Paved 1.3
Tucker Gravel 0.2
Webber 0.34
Wellington Drive North 0.29
Wellington Drive South 0.39
West Lake  1.67
Woodfield 0.39
Wright 0.19
What is the Highway Department Mailbox Replacement Policy?

Town of Cazenovia Highway Department Mailbox Policy - See below