Town Of Cazenovia
 Consolidation 3/01/19 




Beginning in April of 2018, a committee representing both the Town and Village of Cazenovia began meeting to consider a town/village consolidation.  In recent years the town and village have increasingly found ways to share services and increase efficiency.  In response to incentive offered by New York State for consolidation of governments, the committee commenced a full and complex study to identify challenges, propose potential, solutions, and analyze the overall fiscal impact of consolidation.  This was possible with funding secured by the Cazenovia Area Community Development Association (CACDA) through New York State Department of State.


The committee met regularly over the past 18 months, engaged the services of a consultant, and heard from numerous experts with experience in municipal consolidations/dissolutions.  The consultant for the project, Paul Bishop from CGR in Rochester, NY, was hired to analyze several key aspects of municipal government services including public safety and employee benefits as well as the overall fiscal impact of consolidation.  He presented this report at a public meeting held on September 17, 2018 and a link to the report is available on both the town and villages websites.


Following the completion of the municipal consolidation study, the committee concluded that full consolidation of the town and village would result in only a small financial savings to taxpayers and in some cases would complicate the way in which services are provided.  The small amount of savings would not justify the disruptions that would be caused by a consolidation.  The committee found that the two municipalities already function very efficiently and there is not much duplication of services.  Certain NYS regulations would actually cause an increase in costs to taxpayers due to consolidation.


Although full consolidation will not be pursued at this time, the consolidation committee has identified several opportunities that will be further examined for possible savings and efficiency in providing services.  Measures that will increase efficiency and/or improve services will be implemented as appropriate.  The committee thanks all residents, volunteers, and municipal staff who provided important input and feedback during this process.